Timeless 5

– Artist: John McCormack
– Mixed Media Acrylic & Pencil on Canvas
– LEGO Origins Collection
– Measurements: 1219 mm x 864 mm (48″ x 34″)
– Exclusive to Castle Fine Art in the UK
– European Galleries may apply for Shows
I filmed a concept for LEGO called The Challenge To Create Roadshow
at my house. Once the shoot was over, there were literally thousands
of pieces scattered all throughout my house, yard, street and car. I spent
a few months cleaning up all the pieces and now Sophia builds these
mini sculptures from the box of those basic pieces that I cleaned up.
There are piles of her sculptures in my studio, and to make my art based
on her art brings me endless joy. Like the first one, I emulate the
precision of those pieces clicking together via the technical drawings
that hover over the image in pencil. The background structure is the LEGO Simpsons house, in pieces.